Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Another Cliched New Year's Post

Yes I do make New Year's resolutions. It's normally a good time to recap the year, see what was good and what can be improved. I think its pretty clear what needs to be improved!

I also find it really useful to have targets to work towards; it puts off that nagging thought of 'what's the point?' for a little while. I think this year I reached my life's goal by graduating from university, and so since then I haven't really had anything to aim for. This year I'm going to introduce some targets that will hopefully start improving my mood.

Ways to get happy:

  1. I will keep a diary again (and write in it everyday). I used to keep a diary every day from the age of 15 - 18 (they're pretty tragic and hilarious to read), and I need to do it again to try and express my feelings in the best way I know how. 
  2. I will do Race For Life. My best friend's lovely Nanny lost her battle with breast cancer a couple of weeks ago, so we've decided to do the run in her memory. Plus exersize is really good for preventing depression etc.
  3. I WILL NOT do another internship/work experience etc. It's immoral, it's depressing, and if 6 months experience isn't enough nothing will be.
  4. I will keep up this blog. It kills fascists after all

Let's hope 2014 will be better than the last (won't be difficult!) Anybody have any resolutions they are going to promise to keep with me?

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