Saturday, 14 December 2013

#PrayToEndAbortion is So 18th Century

It shocked me that the hashtag #PrayToEndAbortion was even trending yesterday. Unfortunately, the harassment of women seeking an abortion still continues in the world today.

While I respect that everybody has a different opinion, what I find most horrifying about Pro-Life Activists is their aggressive methods of protest. Outside every abortion clinic in the UK, Pro-Lifers stand armed with leaflets and banners, approaching often terrified and distraught women, telling them not to go through with their abortion. This is quite a scary thing for women and their families to face.

What is most daunting, is the fact that they are there every single day. This is disruptive to a woman's privacy, especially when you are having discreet medical treatment such as an abortion.

There are plenty of good reasons why abortion should be legal.

Most abortions are carried out before the fetus is able to live independently 

It is not until 26 weeks that a fetus can support itself outside of the womb. Most women have an abortion before the point, when a fetus is incapable of functioning on the outside. A heartbeat is just the way the fetus pumps blood and nutrients (from the mother) around its body. How can it be murder to abort something, which has not been born and is incapable of basic life processes, such as breathing?

Just because abortion is illegal, doesn't mean it wouldn't happen

In many countries where abortion is illegal, women go to extreme lengths to get rid of the fetus. Backstreet abortions are common in countries where abortion is still illegal. They are carried out in unhygienic conditions with unsafe, primitive methods, by unqualified people. In other cases, women may try to force a miscarriage, for example, by throwing themselves down stairs. Usually these methods do not stop the pregnancy, but do harm the mother.

Abortion is an option, it is not compulsory

Abortion is seen as an option. It does not rule out adoption, birth etc. It is the choice of the woman what she wants to do with her pregnancy. Some women couldn't cope with abortion, whereas others couldn't cope with giving a child away. It depends on the mother. Therefore she should have that choice.

The Human Population is booming anyway

In the UK in 2010 there was a baby boom. There is a severe lack of jobs, housing and food to support the world's largest ever population. To force more, unwanted children into the world is unnecessary. There is no reason why the choice shouldn't be there.

Pro-Choice does not advocate murder

Women who have had abortions do not feel they then have the divine right to go around committing murder. No-one ever has or ever will.

The fundamental difference between Pro Choice and Pro Life is that Pro Choice allows women the option. Options differ greatly between each person's circumstances, and what they believe. Pro Choice allows religious extremists to give birth or adopt, as well as those who are not in a position to give birth the opportunity to abort. This 18th century attitude that forces its beliefs on everybody should be a thing of the past.


  1. I've read many abortion posts, and finally I read something I missed in them: "It is not until 26 weeks that a fetus can support itself outside of the womb." Hallelujah!

    I remember once watching a legal TV program about abortion, and they tried to define what "viable to independently sustain life outside of the womb" meant. It was like the heavens opened and since then I'm quite interested in the same question.

    It's a very reasonable question... unless you throw the Catholic Church in the mix. Living in Ireland, where the church still has way too much power of everything and everybody, trying to solve the puzzle without annoying well... simply everyone. I was shocked when people of all ages went out to protest against the new abortion legislation, when they don't give a toss about other welfare things happening to ill, disabled or old people. If that wasn't bad enough, the people I have lived with for 11 years now, totally went crazy, screaming, kicking and shouting against peaceful pro life people.

    I don't know if it's due to ignorance, stupidity or religion they have never learned what viable to life outside of the womb means. To them, as soon as both cells have merged inside the womb, it is holy, it is divine intervention and it is definitely something that cannot be touched. At all. Ever.

    I think we need to open up the "viable outside of the womb" issue, but until then, pro life campaigners will always be the largest group. Thank you ignorant, religious crap that is thrown at people who perhaps medically really need abortion, or simply when a woman wants to make up her own mind.

    My body, my choice. But not in Ireland.

    1. Thanks for your comment! When life begins is obviously a controversial issue, but it is generally not until 26 weeks that a baby can live outside the womb. It think this is a really important point to remember. Women not only go through physical changes and pain, but mental changes, and this should be remembered rather than disregarded.