Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Egg On My Face

Unlike everybody else, when I was younger my parents did not celebrate Halloween with us. Their reasons for this is because it means nothing to them and only exists for large companies to make money. Which is fine. If they don't want to celebrate it, they shouldn't have to.

However, the notion of Halloween forces itself upon those who don't want to be a part of it. Like Christmas, the shops fill themselves with Halloween related crap that will be binned on November 1st. That I can understand, businesses are using the opportunity to make money. That I can forgive. But what annoys me most is that an essential part of Halloween is the Trick or Treating. 

People come to your house, knock on the door and expect an answer and some chocolates/sweets. If not you're a spoil-sport and your house gets egged. When I was younger I did go trick or treating with friends once, and there was an element of dislike to people who refused to open the door or give you sweets.

'A bag of sweets only cost a pound!' Trick or Treat-ers say. 'Don't be so boring.'

This pressure makes people feel awkward about not having anything to offer, or for not opening the door. However, I believe people should not have to feel like that in their own home. They should not have to worry about their participation in a holiday that means nothing to them. 

If you want to celebrate Halloween then that's fine; but do so in your home and with others you know want to get involved. But forcing a celebration upon others that don't want to by approaching their property is just not fair. 

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